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Frequency Therapy


Understanding Rife Frequencies

Since the frequency (of viruses and bacteria) is different for healthy cells near the unhealthy ones, heathy cells are not damaged no matter now intense a frequency is applied.

Dr. Rife also found that every disease organism has a frequency range in which it can be affected and he called it “window of vulnerability”

Some frequencies are capable of exploding pathogens much like an opera singer who can hit not only the right note and tone but shatter a glass in the process.

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​Heart to Heart Healing Arts


Frequency therapy uses micro-current for local treatment of pain and Individualized Micro-current Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize your bio-energetic field for many important areas of life. A body consists of organs, the organs consist of cells and every cell, just like the whole human organism, has its own transfer of molecules, energy and information. The bio-energetic field of the body refers to the communication between the cells which is largely based on electro-magnetic frequencies. Therefore, the frequency applications are designed to harmonize the communication of the cells to the bio-energetic field by using IMF. The application areas for the harmonization of your bio-energetic fields are in different program category. Each program category contains a list of Individualized Micro-current Frequency (IMF) programs.


We use an amazing device called the Healy. It is in 40 Countries, and around the World with 96% customer satisfaction rate!


Healy is the brain child of quantum
physicist Marcus Schmieke, who has
successfully reduced the size and expense
of Timewaver products into what is now
known as Healy. Healy’s parent company
is, located in Germany.
They have  been in business for over 14
years, now new to America in 2020 with the Healy. They have over 500,000 users of Timewaver products that use frequency and voltage for wellness. Frequency-based wellness is something like Dr. Royal Rife developed back in the early 1920’s.

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There is no other wellness technology out there that does what Healy does. That’s one of the reasons Healy is such a popular device in Europe and 40 other locations, and why Healy is the 2nd fastest growing wellness-networking company in the world.


Timewaver has its roots in RIFE and Nikola Tesla quantum physics technology. Today we can own technology superior to RIFE technology at a fraction of the cost.

How Does it work? Healy reads your bodies frequencies using a built in quantum sensor, and upon evaluating your bodies information field, Healy then sends the appropriate frequencies to your body to treat the root cause issues that effect your health.

The Healy is US FDA approved for pain, muscle soreness and circulation, and has other modality applications for health and wellness.


WHAT IF? Imagine instead of running to the drug store for a topical cream or over the counter medicine, you grab your Healy - and it’s many programs for pain, fitness, beauty, stress, sleep, mental balance, bio-energetic balance, meridians, learning and so many more - for your own optimum Self-Health!

The new small hand-held, wearable wellness device from Healy is like a homeopathic doctor in your pocket. True frequency technology at your finger tips.

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