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​Heart to Heart Healing Arts


We believe that everyone is creative, everyone has the capability to make art. 

We are looking for those people who know they are creative, and those who think they are clueless. Because the skilled creative person can inspire the clueless person just as much as the other way around, with an open mind and perceptive eye.

Come teach with us, bring your talent, share your vision, have some fun. 


Yep, of all the wonderful art mediums to pick, we picked Gelli Prints. It's creative, any age can play, and create prints and surprise themselves.  

What are Gelli Prints?

Gelli Arts® printing is a relatively new form of mono printing (a single print taken from a design) that uses flexible gell-like printing plates to create textures and layers of color with acrylic paint. Gelli printing offers all ages an opportunity to be creative and play, it’s art without any previous art skills. The fun and possibilities are endless.

See our calendar for classes for kids, seniors, and skilled artists, or book a party.

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